Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Bangun.... dan kalahkan musuhmu

setan rasanya makin kuat pas musim dingin di Jepang....
semoga Allah tidak menjadikan kita orang-orang yang kalah oleh setan


  1. evil isnt just in japan.. so there are here too, in indoneshia..
    wherever we are, we cannot vanish them. just ask for Allah's protection.
    that is the best we can do ^_^
    may Allah protect you ^_^

  2. amiin walaki bimitsliin ^^

    maybe we cannot vanish them, but sure we can defeat them, by not following..
    ikhtiar and the tawakkal. right?! ^^

  3. hontou da yo..
    always have fighting spirit to defeat them ^^
    so, it is still in winter there... uhmm...
    must be very cold. just take care of your self and your family there ^^

  4. yup is still winter, and my city is such a kind yukiguni... brrr!!

  5. eeh? omoshiroii.. it must be very very colder than malang.. the coldest celsius i ever got was just 14 degrees...
    but soon the spring will come, just be patient waiting for it..^^
    anoo.. sorry, i want ask something to you: is it true that now the life of japanese youth very free-will?? i got that knowledge from manga i ever read.. they (sorry) do kissing everywhere they like, girls like to wear slim clothes, etc etc.. is it true?? then it's quite different from 13 years ago..
    what a poor life they have, then, now...

  6. 14 degrees.... it wil be very warm.. ^^
    today`s my city`s highest temperature was 1-2 degrees

    for you question... it is true that japanese youth are very free will. since i came here 5 years ago, i think.
    and not only slim clothes, the girls also like to wear very short skirt even in winter... so dont ask about summer, it`s just like "naar", makes me want to take holiday to indonesia every year.. ^^

  7. heeh.. 14 degrees is low level?? what a cold!!
    when i came there, it was just about so..
    uff.. so what i see now from manga, all are true..
    what a bad life now in there.. your opinion is same as to my friend in yokohama, he's 20 years old, and he really wanted to go back to indoneshia soon ,"i cant stand anymore with the environment in here, nee-san.. but i must wait for next several years" . how poor he is.
    so, it's true that you must make your heart stronger and stronger..
    in fact, actually i think those arent they real attitude, as far i know, my japanese friend review that because western attitude have come strike their ways of life..
    kawaisou ne.. how poor they are..

  8. yeah, they are defeated by shaytan... the western also... and some indonesian maybe...

  9. heeh. *sigh*. there is always be evil and angel between us..
    so it's only us to choose, which one to take..
    some of them dislike western , but anothers are crazy about..

  10. untuk renungan, uhkti...
    biar series sekalian

  11. good job...bener2 jadi renungan..Dalem banget..-_-

  12. hm.. bener jg akhi..ngga di jepang aja kok pada malas shalat subuh..

  13. Semoga kita senantiasa berada dalam lindungan Allah SWT.Amien..

  14. pepatah (sunda) mengatakan : setan lebih bedas dari pada tukang gali.

  15. bedas tuh apa ya?
    he-eh aja dah, kang.. :)